California North Coast Redwoods

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Charley and Donna, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Charley and Donna

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    Have you been there?

    Where did you stay?

    Where did you sightsee??

    How did you get there (which route/highway)?
  2. lhollatz

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    California North Coast Redwoods

    Been there and it is great

    Petaluma KOA

    PCH 1 north of S.F. Bay for beautiful ocean drives, several Pacific Redwood forests and parks, Napa valley and the rest of the Sonoma county wine country.

    From San Jose take I880 in the east bay to I580 and cross the north bay north of S.F. This route avoids all of the congestion of the S.F. area and the Golden Gate Bridge.

    We plan to do it again this summer; the park is the best place in the area for big rigs.

    Motor on
  3. ayresjc

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    California North Coast Redwoods

    You need to call the Humboldt County visiters bureau in Eureka CA. They have a lot of good info for you. You don't even get into the great redwoods of CA until you get north of Willits. Plan several days to see the area. John

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