Campground Near Council Bluffs/Omaha ? ?

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by akjimny, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Does anyone have a recommendation of a campground in or near Council Bluffs, Iowa or Omaha, Nebraska. I've been planning the itinerary for the trip from Alaska back to Florida and that is the only stretch of road I couldn't find a campground to spend the night in. We will be coming South on I 29 from Chamberlain, SD and Omaha/Council Bluffs is about where we would stop for the night, if I can find a decent campground reasonably close to the interstate and on our route. I've checked Woodalls and the RV Park Reviews web site but have come up empty.

    Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Re: Campground Near Council Bluffs/Omaha ? ?

    There is nothing on the Nebraska side that is close to I-29 without crossing the entire Omaha metro area to a decent KOA but it would be 45 miles RT out of your way. Along I-29 at Council Bluffs, there is Lake Manawa State Park and Bluffs Run Casino RV Park. A little west of I-29 is Wilson Island State Park in Missouri Valley, IA which is north of Council Bluffs. Further north yet is Pelican Point State Recreation Area in Craig, NE. There are several campgrounds, including a KOA further north yet at Onawa, IA. Onawa is about 60 miles north of Council Bluffs. There are also a number of campgrounds about 55 miles south of Council Bluffs along I-29 at Nebraska City, NE.
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    Re: Campground Near Council Bluffs/Omaha ? ?

    Thanks Jeff. I think I found one by going to the Omaha Yellow pages on-line and looking there. I found the "I 29 Hwy 34 Campground" just a little South of Council Bluffs in the lovely town of Pacific Junction, IA. Hopefully it is really there and a nice spot, otherwise it's a Wal Mart parking lot somewhere.

    FYI the reason I try to stay in established campgrounds with water, sewer and electricity is my wife needs electricity to run her oxygen machine. So it's either plug in and have peace and quiet or run the generator all night.

    Thanks again. :) :) :)

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