campgrounds and memberships

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by jwjeff53, Jan 9, 2004.

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    My wife and I are going to RV for the first time,will be towing small 5th wheel. We would like to know if any membership is better than the other and which has the better campground? We live in Florida and will be not be going too far to start with. I knew this site here would be the best way to get the best opinion about this. Thanks, John
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    campgrounds and memberships

    Hi John, I also live in Fl. and my wife and I have been rving for just over a year. Personally I dont feel the need to join any membership campgrounds. We hav been using state park campgrounds in Fl Ala and Ga and found them hard to beat.Most are less than $20.00 per night and that includes water and electric and all of the places we have gone have been great. We are just north of Tampa and most of the places we have been are 1-5 hrs away. Just my opionin
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    campgrounds and memberships

    Hi John, I do not live in FL. but we have been south a few times. We like KOA and Good Sam's but Glenn is right there are nice State Parks. But in MS. the ones we tried did not have water or electric and of course no sewers. Then we just gave up and stayed at the named campgrounds most are not that expensive and I do like the amenities of laundry, computer connections. Good luck and have fun.

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