campgrounds near Branson, Mo.

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by lyle brumm, Mar 3, 2003.

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    [We are planning a lateMay trip to Branson. Would like info on suggested campgrounds. lyle brumm, o2 Dakota, 00 8240 Trail Lite
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    campgrounds near Branson, Mo.

    Hello there,
    We have stayed at Americas Best Campground last Fall and really enjoyed it. It north of town so you would need transportation into town if you don't have it. When we were there we left our toad at home and just rented a car. The CG staff will arrange for a rental dealer to bring the car to you and pick it up there at the campgrounds. They also purchased our show tickets for us and we got EXTREMELY GOOD seats. 5 of 6 shows were on the 2nd row!!!! They have a website offering package deals which includes the show tickets and I would highly recommend them. Call them at (800) 671-4399 to get information and their website information.

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