Camping Options in Normandy, France area

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    We live in Germany and drive a 2005 Fleetwood Tioga 31M.
    We visited the D-Day area in fall 2009. We stayed at a campground (we won't mention) in Arromanches (site of the Mulberry Harbor) If you go there, be careful, I mildly roofed my camper on the way in. There is a back gate available but we found a much more attractive campsite the next day. On the bluff above Arromanches is a circular theater. There is a public parking/overnight camping area overlooking the water and town for just Euro 4 ($6) per night. There are no utilities provided but the scenery is great and you can hear the tide coming in.
    If you go into Bayeaux to view the tapestry, there is a huge bus parking lot with free dump station.
    After Arromanches, we traveled to Omaha (no overnight parking allowed anywhere) and Utah Beach. The field across from Utah Beach is free for overnight camping. This is an incredible location, directly across the way from the museum. It is a large field, mostly level.
    At Ste. Marie Eglise, famous for the paratrooper that was stuck on the belltower, parking is between the church (a stone's throw in either direction) and the Airborne Museum for Euro 4 ($6) per night. This is a great deal as it is a nicely paved parking lot in the middle of town and from what I could see there were few other options available.
    Traveling through France, we never had a problem staying overnight at truckstops but beware, they do fill up early in the evening. Most roads were okay for our rig but admittedly, some were narrow.
    Photos available but none that are below the 100kb restriction on this forum.
    If you have any questions on traveling in Europe I'll see what I can do to assist.

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