Can I change out a 30 amp converter to a 40 or 50 amp cconverter ?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by mj66, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. mj66

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    I have a travel trailer and it keeps tripping the main 30 amp breaker,so I was wondering if I could change out the 30 amp converter to a 40 or 50 amp converter without changing all of the inside wiring? I do have a small fridge,drop in electric stove ,small microwave,electric hot water heater,water pump and over head lights.The main breaker is 30 amp with all the rest of the breakers (4 more ),20 amps.So would changing the converter work or just upgrading the breakers to higher amps? Any and help would be great. Thanks !
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Not a electrician but think you are doing the wrong thing. Never changh a breaker to higher amps. Changing the converter will not help. Did the electric stove come in the rv? You have way to many electrical appliances for a 30 amp. Better way IMO would be go with heavy cord with a 50 amp adapter and run the stove and microwave off it. Ck with a certified electrican. JMO Welcome to the forum
  3. LEN

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    In a word YES you can BUT it is not EZ 30 amp has 110 line and the 50 has two 110 line for more power. You need a qualified electrician to install plus ine that knows what is needed when only on 30 amp service. Possible yes but maybe not practical. Just watch how much power you use at one time is the thing. OH you can trip breakers with 50 amp too.

  4. C Nash

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    As Len said yes even on 50 amps you can trip breakers. We have 50 amp and had breakers trip. Just have to know how many amps you are using of one side. Very unusual to have electric stove, elec hot water heater and micro wave in a 30 amp. Throw in a hair dryer and elec coffee pot which most of us have and you can use a lot of amps if not careful. By the way most or all the overhead lights are 12 volt in most rvs.

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