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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by ballybay, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. ballybay

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    Hi! while camping last week, I ran out of gas in one of the canisters. I switched over to the 2nd canister, and although the stove elements and furnace worked, the fridge no longer worked on gas (did work on electric) and the oven pilot would not light. Any advice would truly be appreciated - thanks!
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    Re: can you help?

    Welcome to the forum Heather. Sometime when you run out you get air in the system and it takes several tries to purge the air from the pilot light systems. Is the fridge automatic lighting? Turn the oven pilot on and try to light. Wait several minutes and try again. Could take as many as 5 times if this is the problem. Be careful.
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    Re: can you help?

    Hi Heather, and Welcome

    You have air in the propane lines.....You have successfully flushed it out with stove and furnace but still need a little more work on the Referigerator and oven. It will have to work it's way out....Just keep trying those appliances and it will eventually be OK.....Patience is a virtue in this case ..... :) :) :)

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