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    Here is another brain stumper. We have a 2001 Hybrid with front and rear bunks. I am in need of some replacement parts that are no longer being made. (According to KZ) These parts are for holding the flaps of the canvas to the under side of the bunk door. They are roughly 1 1/8 in dia and 1/2 to 3/4 tall. They are dished in the center where the mounting screw is located. They are made of PVC, Delrin or the like. They are used to hold the bungie cord that runs around the tent. Any ideas? No one in our area has even seen them before besides Veurink's RV and they are the ones who contacted KZ for me. Ken, from the discription I just gave, do you have any idea of where I can find 30 of these elusive little guys? Thanks for any and all suggestions :)
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    Re: Canvas hold down discs

    Problem solved! After a couple more tries at surfing the Internet and a couple phone calls, I got someone who knew what I was talking about. A gentleman from General RV had the parts on hand in the quantity I needed to replace all of the shock cord hold downs. I was a bit dubious about going in there at first because of past experiences with them, but the guy was great! Thanks again General RV for your help! :cool:

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