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    I would like to hear from those who use an open car trailer instead of 4 down or dolly. Wanting to hear the good and the bad and the ugly of it. I don't like dollys, and I don't want to invest in the aux. trans pump Iwould need for my car.
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    Re: Car Trailers

    well form one chief to another, I don't think you will have space to park it once you reach your destination. You mention the cost of an aux tranny pump, but you will have to invest in a aux breaking for the trailer if it doesn't have breaks on the axle. But space will be the biggy for you for jsut parking must less pulling it around and stopping to get gas or fuel. I use a tow dolly to tow my Honda Accord, SO FOR NO PROBLEMS. Good luck
  3. LEN

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    Re: Car Trailers

    I have a 20' bed car trailer that I use for the toad. There has only been one place so far that could not accommodate us, 38' plus the trailer and they couldn't get the 38' in. There have been a few time that we have dropped the trailer and then parked but I don't see that as a plus or minus just a fact. You can back a trailer you can not with a tow bar, there have been a couple, or more times I have either backed in or backed out of a one nighter that with a tow bar it would have meant unhooking.Most of the time we can park in pull-thru no problem. And boon-docking no problem at all. My trailer has 4 wheel brakes. One plus is I can change toads at will. As far as negatives, you are a little longer, but we are talking a foot or two. You are heavier by 2500 pounds and will need a 10000# hitch or have a hitch shop beef the one you have. My trailer has a tilting bed so no ramps, so a negative would be handling ramps. Cost will be a bit more with the trailer but will break even about the time you set up the second toad. As far as going down the road trailer or toad setup correctly, not much difference as I have done both ways.

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    Re: Car Trailers

    I am on my second car hauler. Went the dolly route- no thanks. I can haul any vehicel we have. Takes about 10 minutes to load it and strap her down.
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    RE: Car Trailers

    I had a car trailer Purpose built to tow behind my 2005 Coachman Mirada 34FT.This has been no problem to tow and park as when I book sites I always request a drive through. The toad has a tow bar and I can unload the toad ,hook up the trailer and park it if required.The upside is on the A frame of the trailer there is a rack for an electric bike and the space around allows us room for extra items e,g table etc.The only drawback is the increase in fuel but we would have this anyway.The ramps slide away under the trailer and are easy to engage.Wife does it easily. Will try to post a photo when I can. Regards from down under BIG BILKO :) :) :) :) :)
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    Re: Car Trailers

    I must be camping in the wrong places. We stay at a lot of state parks and I usually unhook my tow dolly and push it under my mh for storage. Rarely have I found sites over sixty feet. 38 ft mh, 5 ft tongue, 20 ft trailer=63 ft. And you still have to park you toad someplace or I guess you can park it on the trailer. I've had a 20 ft trailer for years that I haul my tractor on behind my pick up, not my mh. I never considered using it for my toad even though it also is a tilt. I'm still wondering how a tilt works for a toad. I use my bucket to push it down and then drive up on it with my tractor. Of course that's why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Oh yeah, I will change my dolly tires at 5 year interval and that's two versus four. That difference might pay for several nights camping. Just my two cents.
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    Re: Car Trailers

    I cant say anything about a dolly, but I have a 20' trailer and would not trade for anything. Very easy to load, can carry extras, you don't even know it is back there. Mine is aluminum so that might make a difference. As for what to do when we get to the camp grounds, we have a hitch on the car and we can store it at their parking lot. We just put a lock on the wheels. For us this is the best.

    Roy & Judy
    2006 HR 40' pusher.
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    Re: Car Trailers

    We have always used a dolly to tow our Sportage with no problems. Last year Honey bought a Honda Insight. which sits really low, 6.5(front) to 7(rear) inch clearence. MAX

    We cannot put it on the dolly & was considering a trailer.

    Any info for trailering such a low rider would be appreciated.

    Darlin :cool:

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