Caution about forming out-of-state RV L.L.C's

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by 47zipper, Mar 24, 2008.

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    If you are thinking about having an out-of-state L.L.C. formed, in order to reduce taxes and registration fees on your RV, please be careful and check your local state laws to be sure you will not be violating them. We had an out-of-state L.L.C. formed in order to reduce our taxes and fees on our RV and now we are facing felony charges. Gratefully, these charges are being reduced to a misdeameanor, deferred conviction, if we pay the taxes, interest, dissolve the L.L.C. and perform community service. Needless to say, the emotional and financial toll has been tremendous and not worth it to us. So check your state laws very carefully and think twice before having an -out-of-state L.L.C. formed. The Leonards - Colorado
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    Re: Caution about forming out-of-state RV L.L.C's

    When my parents were full-timing they could only stay in California for a short time because they were registered in Texas. So you really need to check out the rules.

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