Chevy 454 belt problem?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by zigzagrv, Jul 5, 2004.

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    Chevy 454 belt problem?

    Regarding belts not fitting on 454's...

    I have read lots of threads where owners of 454's are having problems w/non-OEM belts. I understand that several years ago non-OEM's started offering belts which don't seat properly even their spec calls for that belt. My suggestion is use only NAPA, GM or GATES. I've had Gates on my unit for 5 years now w/20K miles absolutely no problem.

    For reference to Gates numbers for your unit go to the following URL...
    Under the Gates web site,, click on Automotive Replacement. Click on catalogs. Under catalogs, you will find a header
    named Part Locator. On the next page, find the header labeled: Find
    Industrial and Auto Parts by: Application or Interchange. Click on
    Interchange and key in the number you wish to change over to Gates. If
    you wish to find Gates Automotive Aftermarket replacement product by
    application, click on Application.

    If you have problems navigating on the site, call 303-744-4916.

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    Russ Ritenour
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    Chevy 454 belt problem?

    we just bought a 1987 holiday rambler and have had zero luck in finding any repair/and or any owners manual info we desperately need to get some belt diagram info for the power steering. four belts were removed to replace the power steering belts. i am about to leave with the rv to my own wedding (a 42 year old first time bride). i now have 4 days to get it back together!! Help

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