Chevy transmission question

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by ram1z, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I have a '96 Rexhall with the 454 eng. The transmission went to 350 degrees on flat highway towing nothing in cruise control. This happened on 1 short trip and then the next trip I'll describe- I shifted down to D not OD, and it stayed there. Then when I hit the mountains, I pushed it hard and the temp went down to 160 degrees and stayed there until I parked. On the trip home, It never went over 160 degrees. Downhill, uphil, onthe freeway in D and OD - it never changed.

    Do you suppose that a filter was plugged in the transmission and the hill torture test cleared it out?
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Chevy transmission question

    If the filter was plugged it would stay plugged. Hard to understand this one . Maybe a faulty guage? The trans may have been slipping but don't think it would have cured itself after running 350 degrees. Maybe a valve was sticking and it broke loose. If the guage is right the temp will probably raise its ugly head again and that will be bad. JMO
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    RE: Chevy transmission question

    If it is a 4L80/4L60 I think they have an internal modulator of some kind. I always take mine to an expert

    on the chevy trannys and am not an expert on it. I would have it looked at though, If it doesn't happen again it

    could have just been a faulty reading on the sensor.

  4. Allison Expert

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    Re: Chevy transmission question

    First off, I would get some kind of inferred thermometer so you can check the transmission temp to the gauge in the vehicle. If they are the same I would be inclined to say it could be a restricted cooler line or you may need to install a bigger or seperate trans cooler.

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