Cincinnati area campgrounds!

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    If you find yourself in the Cincinnati, Ohio area here is info on 2 campgrounds there:

    1. Indian Springs CG: 3306 State Line Road, North Bend, Ohio
    If you only need a night or 2---it's fine. If you need to stay longer....DO NOT STAY
    HERE!! NO SEWERS!! Also, no trees = no shade!!! They will come and pump out w/a
    honey wagon, but only 1x a week...and that is not really enough for the grey tank.

    We were there for 2 months and not very happy. Other campers were dumping their
    grey water on the ground and it was draining to the lake centrally located. Not a good

    2. Cedarbrook CG: 760 Franklin Ave, Lebanon, Ohio
    STAY HERE!!!! This is a beautiful campground!!! Laid out nicely, immaculately kept,
    but still 'rustic'. Nice Pool, lots of play spaces for kids, very pet friendly! Laundry and
    FREE WIFI!!!! We plan to be here thru the winter!!!

    Hope you enjoy your travels!!!

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    Re: Cincinnati area campgrounds!

    Your gonna get pretty cold there thru the winter. :dead: ;)

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