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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by RonHr, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. RonHr

    RonHr Junior Member

    As we continue our search for a good used Class A Diesel pusher the differences between tire brands continues to come up. Are there the "best" and "middle of the road" and "worst" tires to watch for?

    Thanks again!
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Learn the tire code to tell the age. Any make that is 7yr old needs replacing regardless of apperances.
  3. RonHr

    RonHr Junior Member

    Is that true even if the coach was stored inside and not used for the last 3-4yrs? Does just sitting inside age them the same?
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Yes replace them. Even shelf life ages them. Being out of the elements does help but if they have been holding the weight of the rv that might even be worse on them IMO. You will very seldom see a "slick" tire on a MH.
  5. vanole

    vanole Senior Member


    Yes just sitting is bad. Bottom line in most cases tires will age out before worn out. Tread wear on older tires is not a good indicator.

    Definitely learn how to read tire codes as mentioned above.

    I remember you have been looking at 1999 thru about 2003. Tires should have been long gone on the ones that were OEM. However still look at date codes. By chance if Goodyear G-159's are on the coach insist they be changed. I mentioned them earlier in a thread you posted.

    Goodyear, Michellin, Toyo all make good tires. There is a guy down here parked in the same area I'm in with a Newell $$$$$ and he runs goodyear on the front and some of the wall Chinese tires on the rear to include his tag. The off wall thing is not for me. I've had a right front tire blow out in the past. I'd rather land on a carrier NORDO on a rainy night with a sevrely pitching deck that go thru that experience.
  6. RonHr

    RonHr Junior Member

    Thank you very much, C Nash and vanole! That info helps alot- don't like it (money wise), but really helps! Doubt that the one we are interested in with 2006 tires will pay for new ones and won't go down in price enough so we will be on our own there.

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