Class C: Ford or Chevy?

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by pezar, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. pezar

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    Hi, I'm new here, and I'm thinking of fulltiming in a few years. I want to buy a used Class C because the new ones are so expensive, and RVs seem to lose a LOT of value once you drive them off the lot. I've noticed that most Class C's are built on the Ford E Class chassis with the Triton V10 engine, but it seems that the V10 has issues with spark plugs exploding. I've also noticed a handful of Chevy based C's from the early 2000's floating around. Would a Chevy home be a better choice? What about the state of GM, which is now controlled by the government, and getting engine parts? I don't want something that's TOO old, but I don't want to throw money down the black water tank either. :dead: If anybody knows of a fair dealer in northern California that will give me a reasonable deal on new, great.
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Class C: Ford or Chevy?

    Well, my V-10 hasn't exploded any sparkplugs.
  3. C Nash

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    Re: Class C: Ford or Chevy?

    So far my V10 plugs are staying where they are supposed to :laugh: I would not let the chassis stand in the way of purchase. I am a GM person driving a Ford and have been very pleased with the V10. Do a goggle search on the V10 spark plug problem to find the year most problem occured.
  4. LEN

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    Re: Class C: Ford or Chevy?

    Don't think I would worry about either, but I would search on when ford fixed the plug problem and go newer than that year. As far as parts for either, there are so many after market parts no problem.


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