Cleaning fiberglass exterior

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thumbs, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. thumbs

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    What is the best way to clean the fiberglass exterior of my fifth wheel? What cleaner do you guy's
    use, that works, and will not harm the graphics? The graphics are tape.

    While I am at it what kinda protection do you use on the exterior? Is there a special polish or
    wax that works best?

    Thanks for the help
  2. retlveit

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    Cleaning fiberglass exterior

    Hey Thumbs! Hit "search" and punch in "streaks", you'll be surprised - and gratified - of all the choice tidbits that pop up. :approve:
  3. efelker

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    Cleaning fiberglass exterior


    Tom's advice is good. Any of the black streak products from Walmart's Camping/RV section or that you can find on the Camping World website will work pretty well on the streaks. For general cleaning of the exterior as us (of all things) Scrubbing Bubbles (the stuff for cleaning bathrooms). I spray it on, wait about a minute & wipe it off. It really does a good job, and has no abrasives so it won't scratch.

    I wax twice a year -- when I come out of storage & before I put it back. I use one of the automotive polymer waxes (not carnauba wax). Turtle Wax 2001 is what I use. It lasts and is pretty easy wipe on & wipe off.
  4. thumbs

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    Cleaning fiberglass exterior

    Ok thanks guys. Another reason to go to WalMart huh? Well gotta head there today anyway. I'll check it out.

    Thanks again

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