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  1. AceR0k0la

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    How do I determine the realistic value of my older coach? I have 98 Windsor that is in good condition. No problems, everything works, and many upgrades. I see prices all over the map. I am at the point of new tires due to tire age (rig only has 46k). Should I replace then sell or sell as is and adjust the price? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. C Nash

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    i would sell as is but warn a buyer that tires need to be replaced. I doubt you could add price of new tires and get it. see what most are selling for in your area and use it as a guide. You can also go to NADA price guide and get an idea of asking price.
  3. Tropical36

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    With the 38ft model in a private sale and when it's over and done with, you can expect to get $18 - 19K with a slide and $12,500, without a slide. Just MHO, of course.
  4. Johnwj

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    Just went thru the trading process within past 2 weeks. It's a nightmare to find out what a dealer will allow you for ANYTHING. Traded a 43', 2009, Tiffin, Allegro Bus. Blue book says $155,000. Michelins are 18mo. and 15,000 old,6 225AH Interstate batteries are 4 weeks old. Hi trade-in offers were 105K high to 95K low.
    Just like buying a car; bend over, grab your ankles and kiss yourself goodby.

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