Coachmen Freelander 2200TB Diesel

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by emilyjryan, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. emilyjryan

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    Does anyone own one and like it or not like it? Considering this middle of the road small RV for our small weekending family. I know what I'd like to pay but I wonder what anyone thinks would be a fair deal? We noticed a lot of "rough edges" for a new vehicle. Any opinions? New to and like it so far!
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    RE: Coachmen Freelander 2200TB Diesel

    wel first off welcome ,, i can't really coment on that type of rv ,, i own a class A ,, but if u go on here to the search for an rv tab ,, then look and see if there is a unit on here as what u are looking at ,, if so ,, then u can compare the prices and options u are looking for ,, or want ,, but others will prolly chime in on this subject :) :) :)
  3. emilyjryan

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    Re: Coachmen Freelander 2200TB Diesel

    Thanks for your response 730. We've reconsidered the size of the Coachmen Freelander and are probably going to go bigger. Back to the Net, search, search, search. Even considering A's again. Thanks again.
  4. Sally Mae

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    Re: Coachmen Freelander 2200TB Diesel

    We are also thinking of this unit. We like the floorplan where there can be spaces in our togetherness! It seems big to us, coming from a pop-up camper! Does anyone want to comment on Coachmen in general? I wish it were a low profile; don't need that bed up top.

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