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    Got an old 89 Winn Chieftain with Suburban furnace. Can anyone tell me where the cold air return is inside the Motorhome? It has four heat vents on the floor, but darn if I can tell where the cold air return is located. :dead:
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Cold Air Return-Furnace

    There SHOULD be a grill somewhere. Lots of times they used a very lightweight expanded metal grill. It should be near where the furnace is located.
  3. Kirk

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    Re: Cold Air Return-Furnace

    Most RV furnaces have no cold air return, in the sense of a duct like a home furnace has. The blower just draws air from the space around the furnace and that space will be vented into the living area with a grill of some type, as described by GTS.
  4. s.harrington

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    Re: Cold Air Return-Furnace

    Depending on how your cabinets are built and arranged, there may be no grate at all. Some of the older rigs didn't have solid walls between any of the airspaces under the cabinets and bed or couch and used that area as the cold air return. However in the newer rigs you will usually find a grate near the furnace. If you have a 5th wheel and the furnace is in the storage area you will find the grate either buy the stairs going up or in some they put vents going down from places like where the kick board under you bathroom sink would be or under your closet ect.

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