Colorado? Is it too high

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by The Englishman, Nov 17, 2008.

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    I have a yearning for Colorado and have seen venues in Trinidad in the south of the state. It gazes over New Mexico albeit elevated.

    We dont enjoy it too hot as NM may be but equally not too cold as Wyoming can be and equally some parts of CO as well.

    We've checked the climate data and it seems very broad for the region and as you may be aware that a five mile radius in the mountains can vary temperately, immensely. In Spain it boils at the coast and half an hour into the Andelucian mountains and it snows year round. On the way up, there are regions that are climatically 'just right'. We hope to find this 'region' in Colorado.

    Has anyone camped in Trinidad area and if so what did you think of it?

    Note 'Camped' as in Rv'ed there not as in a tent

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    Re: Colorado? Is it too high

    I have been thru Trinidad a time or two. Have never stayed there. I have stayed in Walsenburg 35 miles north of there. Have run into high winds both times I have been to that area. Warm days cold nights and I was there in Mar. and also in Sept. Now freinds of ours from Walsenburg tell us they get heavy snow in winter.
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    Re: Colorado? Is it too high

    Hey utmtman

    This is exactly the kind of info I am seeking - I had not even thought of winds. The cool nights vs warm days is exactly what we ae looking for and the snow can vary greatly mile by mile and this is intelligence that is very important in our decision process.


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