Converted 5th hitch to goose nect htich

Discussion in 'Towables' started by darwinbene, Nov 10, 2008.

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    I converted my 5th wheel htich to a goose neck hitch when I traded pickups this summer. Is this a bad decsion? Reason I did the conversion was because of the clean bed when not towing. The gooseneck hitch in the pickup is B&W and the ball can be turned over when not using.
    Had heard from a sales person, trying to sell an air ride/shock absorbing system, that a gooseneck hitch puts more stress on the trailer frame and therefore fractures occur more. Is there any truth about this or is it a selling ploy? Does anyone know if this voids the warranty on 5th wheel trailes?
    Could go to Gulf Stream and send emails, but have had some run ins with them and don't know if I would get an unbias answer. Any info would be helpful.

    Thanks, Darwin
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    Re: Converted 5th hitch to goose nect htich

    You have voided your frame warranty, not the whole warranty. If you have a B&W Gooseneck, they make a Companion 5th Wheel that goes into the same socket as your ball. You can remove it when not using and you have your bed back.

    This is not a Gulf Stream "thing". ALL manufactures have a disclaimer about changing to a Gooseneck pull. YES, it changes the pull points on the frame and stress cracks have and could occur. I also know several people who use these with no problems, yet. IF there is a problem, down the road, no frame warranty.

    Too bad you bought this adapter, you could have used the money toward the Companion.
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    Re: Converted 5th hitch to goose nect htich

    Darwin, Darwin, Darwin ... you've got it all backwards.

    First, ask questions here ... THEN make changes, adjustments and additions. :clown:

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