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    I am not much of a cook. so I experimenta lot. Today I cooked a brisket that is to die for.My wife and I usually cook a lot of meals and freeze them to take on our trips especially the complicated stuff that stakes hours or days to prepare.I have a friend that works at the butcher shop, so I order the large stuff from him.several days ago I camehome with the biggest chunk of beef my wife has ever seen. She would not even look at it. She left the room. I marinated this thing for two days.I let itcook for five hours.I took it out of the oven just a minute ago it is almost two in the morning. Had to open bottle of wine and some cheese. If my wife wakes up she is going to think I have just lost my mind.. Hope it keeps well sinceI am not camping until next weekend.I had to cook it this week sincewe will be crazybusy next week.:approve: :eek:
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    Re: Cooking

    Domingo, you are a cook and a half! Most people would have just turned it up on high and burned the outside crispy! Good show! Your lady will probably eat her share! :approve:

    Also, invest in one of those Foodsaver vacuum bag things. You can slice that up and put away meal size frozen packages for your trip.
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    Now all you need is a good old fashioned Texas style smoker for the next one. There just is no better way to cook a brisket! But I'd sure be willing to test what you just finished too...
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    Re: Cooking

    Sounds good....
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    Re: Cooking

    Kirk. have to get advice on what to get for the smoker. I do not have one. I want to try smoking ribs as well. Tex I will go to walmart to get one. I was mad when they decided to build a Supper Walmart close to my house, but man I am over there every other day. :laugh:
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    Re: Cooking

    Unless you don't plan on doing much smoking, don't waste your money on the wally world lite weight smokers. Check out the heavy duty smokers at Lowes, Home depot or Academy. It needs to sill tight to be able to better control temp. Reminds me, get one with a thermometer in the lid.
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    Re: Cooking

    Concerning smokers many to choose from.

    Now this is my opinion only unless you are going to invest some decent money I would stear clear of and offset units sold at big boxes unless you want to make some mods to help mitigate hot spots. If you have to get a backyard offset recommend "The Goodone" costs a bit but is well put together and can cook for the masses.

    That being said if starting out look at the ECB "el-cheapo brinkman" to start out or a better quality Weber Smokey Mountain "WSM". I prefer coal versus electric actually use lump vice briquets. I have a couple of these units.

    Want a good all weather cooker go ceramic like a Big Green Egg, Primo, Grill Dome, Kamado, or Imperial Kamado. I have two large BGEs and they are good. Too heavy to be portable but the are all weather.

    Many good commercial cookers out there Klose, Gator, Southern Pride to name a few. I went a diffferent route here I have an 8ft Southern Yankee rotisserie cooker I use at VFW/Veteran/KofC etc functions I get roped into cooking for.

    On the electric side if interested take a look at Cookshacks portable units or Fast Eddys large commercial cookers.

    Hope this balloon juice helps.

    Remember it is the cook not the cookers who makes the good food.

    Very Respectfully,
    Fly Navy

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