correct paper to have on your trip

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by H2H1, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Hi everyone, the DW would like to know what type of papers should one carry on their trips. I know about the insurance cards, but she has heard that differents states require different type of proof of owner ship. Can anyone share any experiance on there travel. thanks just satisfing the wife
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    Re: correct paper to have on your trip

    I would think registration papers for vehicle and RV along with valid drivers license would be sufficient. Never had any problems with different States. Passports if you have them and plan on going to Canada or Mexico. You do need Canadian proof of insurance cards, obtained from your insurance company, if you plan any extensive travels in Canada. We just traveled into Canada and back and coming back into the U.S. the border agent looked at the passport pictures and us. He then swiped them across his machine handed them back and said have a nice day. No problem.
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    Re: correct paper to have on your trip

    Thanks DL that what I was thinking. I have many doughts if we go to Mexico or Canada. we are planning just doing the states. I must say I enjoy your comments to others who has questions between you and the farmer and C.Nash ya'll have a mountain of knowledge of rv's once again thanks
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    Re: correct paper to have on your trip

    I hope u'r not replying to me as a farmer :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ;)
    I have never seen a farm in my life ;)
    I did have a tough time with 2 of my calves this morning though ,, broke the damn fence down and would not go back thru the same palce they broke down ,,, IMO no wonder we like steaks :laugh: :laugh: ;)
    Bty if this was not an intended post for me ,, then i take u approval just the same :approve: :approve: :laugh:
    We ar all here to help in any way we can (and there is no dumb questions) ;)
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    RE: correct paper to have on your trip

    All states are in a Motor Vehicle Compact. If you are legal in your home state the other states are supposed to honor that....

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