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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Mark Spohn, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Mark Spohn

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    I own a 2014 Airstream. I have 3 solar panels. I've recently moved from S.Calif to N.Calif
    With the constant sunshine in S.Calif my two batteries were always charged up. Now it seems to be the opposite. When I turn off the main battery switch to the trailer, the only current which constitutes a small draw on the batteries is the propane leak detector and the digital clock in the entertainment unit.
    I'm curious if physically disconnecting the batteries would help leave a partial charge in them ?
    Now I've removed both batteries and have them on my workbench in my garage, connected to a battery charger, trying to recharge them fully; but like I said above, after a camping trip, should I physically disconnect them ?
  2. Mark Spohn

    Mark Spohn New Member

    Thank you,
  3. JoshB

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    Not necessarily; if you have any 12V appliance in your RV that always takes a pull on the aux batteries you will get discharge.

    Batteries will discharge due to atmospheric conditions - if it is hot they discharge and cold discharge more quickly. If they are lead acid batteries the stated amperage is a guide; under 'working' situations you will only get 50% of the capacity of the batteries. Its worth noting that the lifespan of a aux battery is 2 years under 'normal' usage.

    If the aux batteries have fully discharged and they are lead acid or gel - they won't be properly redeemable. You will develop sulphur build-up on the cell mesh and they will discharge extremely quickly.

    What voltage or amp output is your bench charger?
  4. Mark Spohn

    Mark Spohn New Member

    Josh ~ Thank you for your time & info. Regarding the charger, it has 3 settings; one for 6 volt, one for a quick 12 volt charge & one for a slow charge. I usually set it at 12 volt slow charge. Regarding atmospheric conditions, I live at the beach in Trinidad, CA. It's cooler here (than Pasadena, CA - where I'm from) . . and more humidity.
    At the RV storage facility, the solar panels receive mostly indirect light. The batteries are AGM type.
    Again, thank you ~ Mark

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