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    Since buying our first RV my wife and I have had nothing but trouble from the dealership. When we were negotiating the deal, the salesman said that when we took delivery we would receive everything we needed to just go and have fun- water hose, sewer hose, and every thing we needed. We were told the RV would be detailed inside and out. We were told that we would be given a full walk through with instruction on how to use all of the appliances. We were told that the hitch installation would take 3 hours.

    When we went to pick up the Rv we were told the hitch installation would now take 6.5 hours. Our walk through lasted about 20 minutes and then rushed off to sign paper work. Not knowing what to look for we had to trust the sales person.

    After our first trip and reading all of the information packets, we learned plenty. We started to notice many warranty problems. A wall and a door were warped. There was glue marks on the ceiling, greasy finger prints on the inside and outside. Nothing had been done that they said would be done. Plus, instead of giving us the things we needed to get started with they gave us a 35 dollar gift certificate (as we all know, it takes a little more than that to get started).

    I started to call the dealership to have things repaired and all of the sudden they couldn't even call me by my name (they kept calling me by someone else). The sales person who said to call him with any problems but was out of town for 3 weeks. I asked if it would be ok to take the RV to another warranty dealership to have things taken care of and was told that if we didn't buy the RV from that dealership they would give us poor service and not do the repairs needed.

    My question is: if you take your RV to a dealership that you didn't buy from, will they treat you bad and not do repairs, warranty or not? One of the service people told me I would not recieve the good service that they would provide me. As far as we could tell, if that is the way we are going to be treated, is it any worse any other place? And we had to drive over a hundred miles to be treated this way.
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    Re: dealerships

    I have never had a problem getting warranty work done at other dealerships, but I have heard tell some places will not do warranty work on rvs bought at another dealer. So I guess it depends on the rv and the dealer and probably lastly the type of rv. I would call around and see what you can find.
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    Re: dealerships

    It is probably a little late to say so, but it would seem that you chose the wrong dealer and that you should never consider any promise from a sales person to be part of the contract, unless it is written into it.

    As to finding another dealer to do warranty work, much will depend upon how far apart the dealers are and the reputation of the dealer chosen. The manufacturer of the RV also plays a major role in this issue, since some manufacturers are well known for strong product support and for quick processing of payments to their dealers of warranty claims. But there are also brands that are best known for poor factory support and poor support to the dealers who sell their products. If you purchased one of products of a strong reputation manufacturer, you will probably find that just about any dealer for them will take care of any problems that you have. But there are also brands that just do not have sufficient support to the dealers and so in these cases, only the selling dealer is very likely to be willing to do warranty work because it will come from their pocket and may take a long time to get paid, if they ever do.

    I suggest that you start by contacting the company that built the RV and talk with them about the problem. The quality manufacturers are happy to help a customer find the kind of warranty support that they need and will either pressure the selling dealer or will send you to a different dealer that they know will handle the problems properly.
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    Re: dealerships

    I agree with Kirk - contact the manufacturer. I have a great dealer (Ken from Grandview Trailer Sales), so I have never had to do anything but drop him an e-mail. His before-the-sale service was great, his after-the-sale service has been super great...

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