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    Is it necessary to have a deep cycle or just a reg battery for a travel trailer? My battery died and I bought a regular starter battery and got to thinking it should have been a deep cycle but not sure.
    I have an issue with the power converter so just want to make sure I have not caused additional issues. PC is not charging the battery, so I am using my regular charger to keep the battery charged and all working on the 12 volt side of the trailer until I replace the PC. tks
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    12 volt is all that is needed, but if you want the most out of the battery for camping a deep cycle is needed. Start batteries are built to give all they got for a short time period, and deep cycle are built to give a currant flow for a longer time period. I don't think you can do damage to anything else, just the battery running it down.


    ARCHER Senior Member

    Since I leave the trailer basically in one location nearly all the time, I think the power converter should be providing all of the 12 volt power that I need. I realize that if I lost 110 volt power the battery would provide the needed 12 volt power until it became drained. I think the power converter is bad because it should be charging the 12 volt battery as well as providing the 12 volt to the trailer. As such, after I validate that the power converter is bad and I replace it, I will just need to keep the reg battery charged. I must have had a brain FA-- when I bought the new battery. I should have known better. tks I will let you know about the power converter and if new one needed and if it charges the new battery like it is suppose too.

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    Jackie15, you lost me. Not sure what your talking about. Sorry
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    Jackie is a scammer....maybe they will catch it and kick her off.

    As far as the charger and battery, A deep cycle is designed to be discharged and recharged many times. A Regular battery is not. The converter on your trailer is NOT designed to provide 12v to the trailer without a good battery. You will over work the charger if you don't have a good battery. The battery also acts as a "sink" if you get a power surge.

    The proper battery for your camper is deep cycle as using the camper it will get discharged and the converter will recharge.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    I'd like to thank all that helped me on this issue. I got the power converter (rebuilt) from manufacturer and installed and all seems to be just fine. Ken, I think the battery I installed is like a deep cycle battery (I read on side of it that it functions just like a full deep cycle battery) so will just see how things go. Battery is staying charged nicely and power seems to be just fine now after converter installed. I'm glad I did not have to leave the regular battery charger hooked up for very long directly to battery. Anyhow, again thanks to all. Have a wonderful Holiday and be safe and may 2014 be a great year for all of us.

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