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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by akjimny, May 3, 2012.

  1. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

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    Well I am no longer ghosting here....I have got bad news for anyone coming north. The Ak Hwy is closed at Watson Lake to Teslin.....basically the road no longer exsists. It maybe a week before they open the road again. So here we sit in Whitehorse.....I actually like it here alot.

    Here is a link for updates

    We left Anchorage heading south and got stuck in Destruction Bay for water running over the road. Held up 12 hours waiting for the water level to drop and for them to remove debris.

    Up date on road conditions.

    Anchorage to Glennallen good. The best I have seen in a while. Glenallen to Tok also good. A couple of gravel sections and the guys were measuring for pavement, so that means 2 or 3 weeks before they start. Tok to the US border station road is good. If you see a sign that says road damage slow down. If you see fesh black oil slow down.

    Now from Border Station to Border Station that section of road has not changed in the 15 years I have lived in Alaska. I have made 6 round trips on the Alcan and that 20 miles is always the same rough, rough and dirt rough. Slow down 35 mph or less recommended thru that section.

    Border station to Destruction Bay lots of flags marking most of the worst spots. There was a couple that were unmarked. The gravel sections were in pretty good shape, but can change quickly with alot of rain. Once pass the south end of the lake the road improves greatly to Whitehorse. There are a couple of gravels sections but again no big deal.

    and that is where are trip is now in holding status.....

    PS we are not currently RV owners. We were suppose to pick it up in Great Falls on Wednesday??????? So for those who see a F350 pulling a uhaul that would be us. On our return trip we will have a new Raptor 30 FS can wait.Truck sleeping to avoid the bears and hotels are not my idea of fun.
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    Can you go back up and come over 4 to Watson lake? Adds 200 miles but 5 hrs rather than sit a week might be worth it.

  3. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Nope same problem there is no longer a road. The record snowfalls out this way have comeback to haunt me. I am an avid snowmobile rider and this past winter had it all. More snow everywhere then you could ever hope for. Well now it's melting fast, plus rain and everything is washing out. You really cannot believe the amount of water in some of these streams right now. A couple of bridges that we crossed yesterday had water to the griders, bridge had a shake to it as we crossed.

    That was our 1st thought getting into Whitehorse, get fuel and looking for another way out. As of this evening the SuperStore grocery store is already sold out of some basics, like milk, eggs, even some fruits and vegiie shelves were empty and it's only day two.

    Talk to a trucker who left his load at Teslin to comeback to Whitehorse and a good hotel and he said the bridge is gone with talk of the one near Liard in jeopardy. It's all hands for repairing the ALCAN. As of this writing Tuesday is best case but Friday is more likely.
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    Big Boy - You really know how to post a buzz-kill. I have non-refundable tickets to fly from Alaska to Florida to drive my nice, reasonably new pickup back to Alaska and now you tell me this. I'll have to do some serious road checking before I leave Florida. Maybe I'll drive it to Tacoma and ship it from there. Bummer!!!!!

    But I won't shoot the messenger. Thanks for the heads-up!!!
  5. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Don't throw them tickets away yet. You have alot of time yet before getting to this point. Watched the weather and there are places that have gotten up to 100 mm of rain....4 inches. Plus some areas got hit pretty hard down Edmonton way with severe weather yesterday. Nasty storm moving thru. The ALCAN repair crew is second to none in making road repairs. Even better then most military operations. I will try to get a picture up of the road out of Destruction Bay. That area is now one lane road and pilot car, with equipment in the area making repairs.

    Before we made Whitehorse they had two big excavators loaded and running towards Destruction Bay. I am here to tell you they were not worried about oversize loads or speed limits getting there. I estimated they were running at least 80 mph when we passed going the other way. Once in Whitehorse they were loading more equipment to head south. They are trying to get materials to repair a bridge that no longer exsists.

    I will post more as things become available.
  6. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Thanks. And another thanks for the Yukon Road Department website. I stuck that in my Favorites so I can get updates as i roll up the road. I plan on leaving Florida on June 21st heading back to Alaska and should pass thru the construction zone around June 29/30. Hopefully they'll have it fixed enough to get thru.

    My life - the soap opera.
  7. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Here is BC's

    I would expect alot more one lane travel then you had on your 1st trip.
  8. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Did a store to store recon today here in Whitehorse. Basically if you do not have it you are not going to find it. The shelves are empty and most places to stay are full. I say most as they are still running tourists thru using the railroad system. Travellers are being advised going south, in our case, there are no facalities available from Border to Whitehorse. I am also hearing about overflow as far north as Tok, Ak. Coming north the same is being said for Watson Lake, no facalities and shelves are bare, also heard with backups all the way to Dawson Creek.

    Still no offical word as of this writing on reopening. Did see more heavy equipment today rolling south. One was a huge excavator.

    Found camera now to out to get some pics.
  9. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Well the road is suppose to open but will be limited travel. As always check conditions often when travelling. Pic is destruction Bay before cleanup. That is the road in the picture.

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  10. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    After 5 days of chewing on us the ALCAN hwy finally spit us out at Dawson Creek this evening. I always travel the hwy being prepared for 5 days of isolation and on this trip we almost got the whole thing.

    The road is open the area of concern is actually but a few miles long. The problem is it is the middle of nowhere. They have one lane open and were going to work on making that wider and better. This should be close to normal by early next week.

    I do want to make mention of a 5th wheel I seen.....The owner showed me a crack, about 6 to 7 inches long, that ran out diagonal from the bottom of the front slide out. He said the crack closed up when he took it off the truck. Big ouch to me, that says structal damage????? I am right???
  11. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I think you are right. Last year we helped an Alaskan with a trailer, the A frame 3' from the hitch broke and let the main part of the trailer hit the ground. But I am all but sure it was do to NOT slowing on the whoop tee doos.

  12. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    BBw/BT - Cracks don't just occur without something being broken. Be sure you check really close so you don't get stuck with someone else's repair bill that they didn't want to pony up for. Also thanks for the info on the Alcan. It finally made the Anchorage TV news last night and the pictures were pretty bad. I should be driving thru that area in about two weeks, so hopefully they'll have it cleared out. I expect gravel and delays so I'm bringing a sleeping bag, MRE's and water.
  13. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    Have travelled the ALCAN so many times it has become second hat. Never an easy day thou. I highly recommend stopping at Yukon Resturant/motel in Teslin and have lunch. They were the best during a tough time with all these people waiting for days for the road to open.

    I did hear a good one....this will really give you a good idea of what people are thinking.

    Woman: I need to go down that road so I can catch my flight home.

    Construction Worker: Mama the road is closed for a washout

    Woman: I will just drive around and not bother your workers

    Construction Worker: Mama there is no road it's completely washed out

    Woman: thats ok I have a Subaru I can make it. Now quit being ridiculous and let me go or I am going to sue you for making me miss my flight.

    Construction Worker: Yes Mama would you like to speak to my supervisor.

    Woman: Yes, right now.

    Construction Worker: Well here is his phone number, he is down where the road is washed out. Call him, I am sure he would love to here from you.

    A little while later woman walks back complaining about how there is no cell service and she can't reach him.....He did offer to let her thru but she would have to walk to his location. She asked how far?.....he smles and replies about 100 miles or so. This guy was one cool cucumber. I bought him a coffee everyday we were there. Can't believe some of the things people had said to these poor folks that were there looking out for their safety.

    Good Job Yukon Road Crew!!!!
  14. dfedora

    dfedora Member

    Well I'm in shelby,mt I guess I'll wait a couple more days before i go north again . Hope the road crews finish up the repairs .
    There was an rv from the yukon here at Shelby,Mt he stated that road washes out almost every year with this much snow . He still headed over the border this morning.

    Thanks for the heads up I was able to pre warn 3 rv this morning before they headed up over the border to AK
  15. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    If you have the time it's probably a better idea to wait a couple of days. If you do go you just may get hung up for and hour or so at the most.

    As far as the road washout there are a couple of places in Muncho park you will see basically cross the bottom side of valley drainages. These areas are expected. The areas that washed are not the usual areas. The other thing is the almost 4 inches of rain thru that area in a 24 to 36 hour period didn't help much.

    If you head out come Monday you are about two days out from the trouble. They were talking about having a more permenant solution in place by the end of this weekend.

    Safe Travels
  16. dfedora

    dfedora Member

    Well I made it up into Alaska Already caught a couple of reds (Salmon)in Copper center, boy those were great . Jim if your back up into Ak I'm currently visiting relatives in Wasilla. I've been down into anchorage twice for business. Give me a shout 781-801-2224 or anyone else if there up here. I'm really enjoying the cool weather.
    The alcan hwy. was no problems but re; Storm issues. but the roads needs lots of work. Tok to Glenn Allen was real rough as well as lots of Canada's roads.
  17. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Dick - I'm in Lloydminister tonight - won't hit the rough part until Thursday and Friday. I'll give you a call when I get back home to Anchorage.

    PS - I got the full - pull into the garage and get out of the vehicle - search at the boarder AGAIN. Do I really look like a smuggler or something?????
  18. dfedora

    dfedora Member

    It took 15 min to go thru customs. Had to go inside had long guns. I filled out the wrong form out ahead of time so they had to rewrite on correct one.
    No inside inspection at all, didn't even look my guns . I know I got off easy.
  19. Big Boy w/ Big Toys

    Big Boy w/ Big Toys Junior Member

    You guys having trouble at the border must be some real seedy looking charcters. We had nothing but jokes, laughs and smiles during all our crossings. Held up a bunch of folks at Sumas on our return trip talking with the Border agent. All a great bunch of guys.....would not want their job.

    We did our return trip up the Stewart/Cassair...first thing if you do not like being remote, this is not the way to go, if you have to have cell coverage, WIFI, take a different route, need to use your modern facilities everyday and tank storage is not good, then this is not the route you want to take, there is little to no dump facilities on the main route. Need to really plan out all fuel stops and know how far you really can go in a pinch. Now for all the good things, lots of motorcycles along this route, lots of wildlife, no less then 10 bears a day, wonderful people, both residents and travellers, no news, no phone, no could have spent another week out there. I love Canada. It is still what the US was before 9/11. Even thou I said I had no problems with customs, there is a definate differance in attitudes and questions asked.
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