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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Bill Miller, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Junior Member

    My 5th wheel was just totaled by the insurance company (the wind blew it over), so I'm thinking about buying a used diesel pusher. I live in Colorado, and will be driving in the mountains, as well as cross-country. My guess is that I'd like one in the 36' to 40' range. This will be for my wife and me, and our 2 dogs. Any advice for me before I go shopping?
  2. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Hello Bill and welcome to RVUSA.

    My best advice is to get an oil sample from the engine and transmission and have it analyzed. You can have any Diesel engine repair shop run this test for you. CAT charges me $15.00 for each analysis. If you are looking at a RV with a rear radiator check for over heating problems. Rear radiators get dirty easy and must be keep cleaned. Also while on the subject of radiators, make sure the radiator is filled with diesel engine antifreeze not gas engine antifreeze. If you find your RV and it does not have the maintenance records, then plan on changing ALL filters ASAP.

    Other then that, when you find one, enjoy the heck out of it. :applause:
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think u covered about all i was thinking steve ,, good job :applause: but one thing u kinda forgot ,, was the age of the tires :concern: but other then that u did good :triumphant:
  4. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Coach and motor batteries, between the two sets, most likely 6 total batteries can run $600 plus. Also have a total RV inspection done unless you are WELL versed in RV. Go though every system in the RV and make sure it works correctly.

  5. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Junior Member

    Great advise gentlemen. Thank you. One more question.... Are maintenance costs pretty high for these big units? Other than oil and filter changes, is there a lot to maintain? Thanks again!!!

  6. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Junior Member

    Great advise gentlemen. Thank you. One more question.... Are maintenance costs pretty high for these big units? Other than oil and filter changes, is there a lot to maintain? Thanks again!!!
  7. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    If the rig you find has been taken care of then no not really. The big thing is keeping up on the filters and oil changes. I have had both gas and diesel and I like my diesel. But there are people on here that are just as happy with their gas as I am on my diesel. I mainly like the power on the hills and running at 63 mph at 1800 rpms. I also get almost 4 more gallons per mile but with the difference in gas does it really matter all that much. One other thing you might check out is the Air Dryer filter. You will have air brakes with the diesel and you need dry air.
  8. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

    Biggest thing I'd sy is buy used, don't take the depriciation hit.

    With that said all the above advice is super. I'd add a couple of more:
    - Make sure all the refrig recalls are completed. Both Dometic and Norcold have had numerous recalls.
    - Depending on the age of the unit pay attention to the AC's and thermostat. Remember the Dometic Comfort Control Center 4 button thermostat is not supported anymore. There is a work around for this to have the thermostat fixed if required. If the thermostat is not the problem replacing the boards and upgrading to the 5 button thermostat or the newer designed unit can get expensive.
    - If you decide on a 40' unit pay attention to the CCC.

  9. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    There is a rebuilder for the 4 button about $100 and about $300 to do the 5 button and boards. The costs are a bit higher but once a year or 10000 to 12000 miles not several times a year. You will have a fraction of the setup time of the 5ver. Stop, dump air, drop jacks if needed, put out slides and your home for the night, and if it's raining you didn't get wet. Depending on year look for a 3126 cat or C-9 or maybe bigger if the coach is bigger, the C-7 has a pump that goes out but not all that often. Cummins ISC or bigger, ISL would be my choice 400hp and 1250 torque. If you are into colder weather an agua hot is a good add, as it uses the diesel and will keep you comfortable in the colder weather(this also heats the bays) but comes on the higher end coach's. On the higher end coach's you get the real wood cabinets and a lot of xtras.

  10. Shorty

    Shorty Senior Member

    When I got into kickin tires to cure my RV envy I took my time....ask questions like you are and research, the hisorical area of this forum will serve you well. Not to mention the answers you have already from the forum
  11. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Junior Member

    I hate to sound uninformed (although the shoe fits). What is the CCC?
  12. RVbroker4u

    RVbroker4u Junior Member

    Hey Bill, you definitely have gotten some great advice. Id be more than happy to help you out in anyway I can, I am a RV broker and work in every state. Do you have a price range in mind? If I know that, I can give you some recommendations on the best bang for your buck, preferably would be to find one with a remaining warranty on it for your peace of mind. I definitely have several available but just need to get your wish list first. Thanks Bill, let me know! feel free to PM me or send email, chadreist@gmail.com
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    here we go agian ,, another one trying to get in on us ,, the Mods have been notified
    To answer Bill's question that the other (free Add person) did not ,, Bill the CCC is the Cargo Carrying Capacity ,, what that means is that is what the rv can can weigh full loaded ,, u know with food ,, water in tanks ,, clothes ,, full LP ,, and so on ,, u don't want to exceed this ,, but alot do ,, i am one of them ,, once a yr i am over the CCC of my MH ,, and that is not even having a drop of water in the tanks nor any food in the refer or cabinets ,, that is just my Daughters clothes and shoes :concern::distracted:

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