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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by dadshotrod, Apr 1, 2011.

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    My wife & I are getting ready to do some extensive traveling this summer with our diesel pusher. So I want to get all my maintenance up to date. We bought our coach about a month ago. It is a cummins 8.3 330hp with 45K miles. I know that the oil was just changed. What about antifreeze & tranny fluid ( ALLISON 3000 ) ??? Any specific brands that are better?? I have an ONAN 7500 Generator with 390hrs on it??? Along with these ???, any other maintenance hints, wheel bearings, belts, etc would be greatly appr. This is a 40ft coach. Would the cummins have any problem towing an 2006 Acura MDX suv???? Thanx for looking!! BOB
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    Re: diesel pusher maintenance

    When I bought my coach all I could really get was a call from the mech. Who could say "yup all up to date". Well over the next a little over a year I went from one end to the other. Trans. with Transynd(SP) the only fluid now for the 3000and two filters, the fuel filters(I have two)and carry a spare each, Anti freeze(at least have this checked for PH(one of the leading eng. looses is to acid eating the motor) Air dryer filters if you have one(one of the things that gets skipped alot), Change the Gen oil, and filter, rear end oil front bearings mine are oil bath, belts and hoses as mine were 10 years old, Air filter with cleanable aftermarket one( not a lot more $$$ than a just replace), Although mine is a Cat motor your should need the same. Also check tire dot date its on the tire 5-7 years max tobe safe, I just replaced mine at 7 and they looked like new. Check start batteries 5 years or so and be suspect, easier to get them now and shop around than at goober's station at twice the price. House batteries check hydrometer on each cell, not quite as needed because they go out slowly, kinda give warning and there are lots of places to get them.
    As to the motor pulling the load YES it will, it's has a bit more torque and same HP as mine and I tow about twice the weight you will be, trailer and four runner on the trailer)
    Good traveling and see you on the road.

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    Re: diesel pusher maintenance


    Len gave you a pretty good run down. Get your test strips for testing your coolant. I'm almost positive your engine also has a coolant filter on it my previous M/H had the ISC 315 in it and it had a coolant filter. When you change coolant you can make the determination to stay with the regular Fleetguard coolant (or equivalent not regular car coolant) or switch to the OAT version.

    BTW received an e-mail today from RV Chassis parts indicating they will knock and additonal 10% off your bill for orders over $150 dollars. They along with the filter barn are a good source for all your filters.

    Yes carry spare filters and belts. Don't want to be held hostage one day.

    Did your oil change include fuel filters also?. You should have 2, air dryer filter as Len mentioned is the forgotten many times.

    One last thing ensure the any and all refrigerator recalls have been done. I bring this up and I'm still thanking Ken for bringing the latest recall to our attention in a great post on this forum a few months back. Norcold had 2 recall in the past 4 years and the terminolgy in the recalls were so close I almost talked myself into thinking I was good to go when in fact the second recall was required. Dometic has had a good number of recalls also on their fridges.

    You won't even know the MDX is behind you. The ISC is a great engine.


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