Diesel vs Gas

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by traveller, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. cwishert

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    Re: Diesel vs Gas

    Rod he said "$20.00 per hour more". :eek: :laugh: :clown:
  2. Shadow

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    Re: Diesel vs Gas

    Don't try to save him Carol. You would be taking on a very large task. :eek: :laugh: :clown:
  3. DL Rupper

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    Re: Diesel vs Gas

    Like I said, if you have the money, a diesel MH is the best way to go. Comfort, ride, power, status. Fuel mileage and longevity are not real considerations unless you plan to go 200/300 K miles and keep it over 10 years. Most RV'ers won't drive/tow a RV 100 K miles in 10 years even while full-timing.
  4. Charles T

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    Re: Diesel vs Gas

    My thoughts on MH's, for what they're worth.

    Torque . . . diesel would be better only if you constantly travel in hilly or mountain terrain.

    Air ride . . . Since most RVers will only travel 3 to 5 hours and 100-200 miles a day, every few days . . . why would this be necessary? Even my old body can handle this ride. If you plan to travel 400-500 miles a day, everyday then this could be considered but wouldn't you be defeating the purpose of RVing?

    CCC . . . IMHO the main reason to RV is to simplify life. If you can't live without all the unnecessary baggage you accumulate in a stix and brix, then is the RV life for you?

    Status . . . Yeah, I'm way up the list on this one since my RV is 23 years old with a gutless but dependable diesel.

    Now if I had MEGA bucks, my views may change some . . . but not much.

    Just an old mans viewpoint.
  5. DL Rupper

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    Re: Diesel vs Gas

    I'm only giving my take on a gas MH vs a diesel MH. I really think the good old 5er is the way to go full-timing. But then I'm biased. I would stay with the 5th wheel even if I had the $$$$$$ for a great big diesel MH. The 5th wheel floor plans are more comfortable. JMO. I have been able to cram everything I own in a 30 foot 5th wheel for 14 years with no problem. The only thing I can't find a place for is a satellite dish. :laugh: :bleh:
  6. Triple E

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    RE: Diesel vs Gas

    I have had both. To me, having an exhaust brake is worth having a diesel. However, I was surprised with 5 gallons of motor oil (diesel) vs 1.5 gallons (gas) so use high mileage synthetic motor oil. I have been white knuckled with the gas coming down the Beartooth but not with the diesel and the exhaust brake. Should never say never, but, I will never own a gas motor home again. -me :approve:

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