Digital TV transmition

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by encinas, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. encinas

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    I am using the new digital converter box on my analog TV in my RV. There are several stations in my area that are transmitting in both digital and analog. I am able to get both. However when receiving in digital, my picture is smaller. Usually a border all around.

    Since the TV is analog and NOT Hi Def, does this mean that to get a full picture I nead to replace the analog TV with a digital TV. I don't remember reading anywhere that once we go digital only, the old analog TV will work with a converter, BUT AT A REDUCED SIZE!!!

    I just need verification that the new digital signal will cause a reduced picture size on an analog TV. I doing something wrong???
  2. JimE

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    RE: Digital TV transmition

    First off welcome to the forum. I have not heard that the picture would be smaller on a non HD TV but I was about to buy the converter for my coach as well. I am curious if anyone on the forum has done this already and what the outcome has been.
  3. rjf7g

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    It depends on your converter box - check to see if you have a "full screen" or "fill screen" kind of setting. The converter box maps the digital "screen" to your analog TV and the l:w ratios differ in the two platforms, so there's some tweaking to be done. Some converter boxes just do it and some give the user control over how to do it.
  4. Kirk

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    First of all, digital TV is not HD. Those are different issues. The converter box does not give you HD, but it does allow you to view TV that is transmitted in digital signal on your analog TV.

    Becky is correct about the box being the answer to the black band along the top and bottom of the screen. Some of the better converter boxes do have a menu that allows you to view the digital signal in a full screen mode, but there is a slight distortion when you choose to use that. It is done by clipping the edges from the wider picture and then adjusting the height to fill the square screen. If you look at the new TVs that are in digital format, the width is greater in relation to the height of the screen when compared to the old analog screens. It is a new format as well as being transmitted in digital rather than analog signals.

    If your box has the ability to make such a conversion, the operation manual should tell you how to do this. If your manual does not have instructions on how to do this, your box probably does not have that ability and so you will have the black borders with an analog TV. Remember, the box is a converter that changes the digital signal to an analog one for your set and it does not change anything about the old TV set.
  5. hamdave

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    All the DTV' converter boxes I have read about have the ability to convert the incoming digital signal to an analog output with the correct aspect ratio for your old analog TV. Some default to it correctly and some default to the new settings. I think there is additional aspect ratio for flat screens etc. Your instruction manual should show you how to do it.

  6. xcheck21

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    RE: Digital TV transmition

    Just curious, does the remote you are using have a key that looks like the "#"? If it does, press it. It should scroll thru the picture size configurations that are available with your TV and converter box. Good Luck.

    Wal-Mart has these:
    AOC Envision 22'' Class LCD HDTV/PC Monitor w/ Digital Tuner, L22W861
  7. C Nash

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    Well we have the same problem. Measured mine on the 25 inch screen in the MH and it was 20 :laugh: also having problem wit sound :(
  8. kb0ogt

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    i just installed a converter in my georgie-boy for the main tv and i do not have that issue. on a plus side i do not have to raise the antenna anymore, the picture is crystal clear. Now the TV in the bedroom, i had to replace, when i pulled it out of its corner wall mounting i discovered it only had power and antenna on the back, no RCA jacks at all (wife wants the dvd player incase we get rained in). anyway the new vizio HDTV that i replaced it with the digital channels do have a smaller screen.
  9. jetboat

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    yor correct,the picture has to be reset for digital,and no need to raise the batwing!also theres a small tuing in of the cinverter box,no big thing.
  10. jetboat

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    Re: Digital TV transmition

    one thing i have found,is the sound origional remote wont work with the converter. and the sound can only be adjusted at the tv,nat the remote.ours is a phillips 20".2yrs. old.the main tv is on satalite,and only watch the one with the converter in the bedroom.

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