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    We bought a motorhome with a satellite in the roof. I have four receivers in my home, and want to put one in the RV. The salesman mentioned a book of zipcodes, so I could dial in the correct zipcode to get a picture. Anyone know where I can get one? Also, does anyone know where you can get an automatic dish turner instead of doing it manually, and what that would cost? One more question. Do I actually have to have a directv dish on the roof? Thanks for your help....Rita
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    First, the dish on the roof will do nothing until you connect a receiver fro Direct TV. You then go to the install menus that the receiver sends to the TV set and using the zip code for the area where you are it will tell you the proper azimuth and elevation. Once you set the dish to the proper elevation, you have to select the signal strength from the install menu and then scan across the sky in the area of the assigned azimuth to find the signal. Using the signal strength indication on the TV you fine tune the dish position to get as high as possible and then just use as normal.

    You do not have to use a dish that was purchased from Direct, as long as yours is compatible. There isn't any way to make the manual dish that you have become an automatic one, other than to have it replaced with one that is automatic. To see what that will cost, contact your favorite RV supply store.

    One other thing that you must have is a clear view of the southern sky. Trees or any obstruction will prevent your receiving the signal from the satellites.
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    Re: Direct TV

    Thank you so much Kirk...You told me everything I needed to know...:))) Rita

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