Discount Clubs for Veterans??

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LTDrumm, May 17, 2004.

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    Discount Clubs for Veterans??

    Hi all. As a new RV'er I've done a lot of RV research on the internet. I found this site,,military_campgrounds,00.html

    It provides a good link to all campgrounds on Military Installations available to active and retired military regardless of branch. I do Consulting for DoD and stayed at the Fort Bliss Campground for 10 days recently and it is terrific. There is a wide range of facilities and activities, some rather meager, some like Bliss great.

    Good luck.


    PS: 2 tours Viet Nam, Korea, 2 times Germany, Fiji, Turkey, Desert Storm, Okinawa and Panama. :)
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    Discount Clubs for Veterans??

    LTDrumm: Spent 4 years in Navy during Nam. Put air launched guided weapons together to help defend you guys. No time in Vietnam but did pack a lot of goodies (Playboy & Penthouse) in those aluminum containers. Never got any back. Magazines or Missiles.

    Lost my younger brother from Agent Orange and my older made a career of the Navy. Command Master Chief. Proud of service. Visit the Wall! It is the best memorial in Washington. I shed a lot of tears when I saw the statue of the three men coming out of the woods and seeing the wall. Makes you doubly proud to have served.

    You got some good advice about Good Sam. Great magazine, Highways, with lots of tech stuff and advice on trips. Plus join Good Sam Emergency Road Service. I broke a serpentine belt coming through West Virginia and GSERS had someone there within an hour. Towed me to a semi-truck repair shop and they fixed me up in 45 minutes. Cost me $97.00 for the belt and labor. Then found out the problem was caused from a mechanic at Terry Labonte Chevrolet, a Workhorse dealer, who replaced an air conditioner compressor and didn't bolt the wiring harness bracket back on the top of the a/c compressor. The bracket got down against the belt and eventually shredded it.

    But Good Sam is worth every dime and they don't cost to many dimes either.

    Take care and happy RV'ing. To bad the current leadership in Washington has been trying to do away with the GI Bill and Veterans Benefits. No Money=No Benefits.

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