Do any of you get nervous????

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Nov 11, 2008.

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    When you head for the RV to just check it out. Did just that yesterday, After sitting and being nurse-maided after the surgery. Doing good but that's the dangerous time when you do something stupid without thinking.
    Well on the drive to the RV since we have just been through the first real rain storms of the season the mind drifted to I hope no leaks, wonder if I turned everything off last time there, wonder if the tires are down and on and on.
    Well got there, turned on the batteries, opened the door, slid back the window covers, fired the gen(well that worked), turned on the heat pumps(they worked) closed the closet doors and such checking for leaks while the wife was doing the same.
    Now to the hollow pit in the tummy, crawl behind the wheel slide the key in, turn the key on(well there's power) wait and wait for the wait to start is lite, then the magic moment RR RR RR then the Cat comes to life "releif", oil pressure, Alternator, warning lights, Everything is OK.
    Wait a few for everything to normalize, airs up, rear view cam, ok. Press D, push air brake off, and she starts rolling slow over the gravel parking area and onto the paved road, feel the shift 2nd 3rd 4th look at the gauges, all's well.
    Sure feels good to be back on the road again, if only for a warm up drive and check out. Boy this thing sure ride nice better than the car I'm thinking to myself as I look over to the DW and she has a little smile on her face.
    Well an hour or so later we have the baby all back and locked up.
    Can't wait till mid Jan. and the run south for 2-3 months.

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    RE: Do any of you get nervous????

    I mostly get nervous when I open the fridge and see that I don't have enough beer for the weekend. :laugh: :laugh:
    actually, I was a bit worried back in Sept. after the big hurricane hit Texas. Now I live in Ohio and usually, a few days after a hurrucane hits, we get a little rain here, nothing much but this time we had an aweful windstorm, trees were down everywhere my power was out for 3 days and at the campground as well (all of the kids popsicles melted) went out the next weekend and all was well, had LOTS of kindling for the campfire though.
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    Re: Do any of you get nervous????

    Len ,so glad that you are doing better. And I know that hearing that cat start up was music to your ears. I was glad you didn't find any leaks ether. Now be truthful, was the drive good therapy for you. :laugh:
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    Re: Do any of you get nervous????

    Good for u ,, Len ,, now all we are gonna here about is u waiting to go ,, JK u know ,, ;) ;) ,, but i too would love to go ,, and i would if i could ,, but since i am not getting any younger ,, and the usa ain't gettting any better ,,, i might just have to say the heck with it ,, and hit the road full time ,, i will leave the rest out ,, due to politics and such ,, but have fun Len ,,, and u'll be on the road in no time :approve: :approve: :approve: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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