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    Hey people, Got another dumb question I need help with if you would. We bought a 1991 Pace Arrow in the spring and am having trouble draining the fresh water. I opened the valve that was marked fresh water, but that didn't do it. There are 2 other valves next to fresh water. One is marked water heater bypass and the other simply says hot water. I did mistakenly drain the fresh water once when we had to camp at a walmart. Should I open the bypass valve? I can see 2 drains below the fresh water tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Draining fresh water

    The water heater by-pass is there to enable you to winterize the water system with the water heater drained. It don't have anything to do with your water tank. I am not familiar with that particular motorhome, but usually the water tank will have a drain valve that is somewhere near the tank. It is normally found between the water pump and the tank. I suggest that you look for a valve in the area of the water tank.

    Most likely, the valves marked fresh water and hot water are drains for the water lines and not the tank.
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    Re: Draining fresh water

    Kirk is correct. There is usually a valve by itself on the lowest spot. You will see water coming down from it if the fresh water tank has sufficient water. However if is low and the motorhome is not level, the last of the water will not drain. You must level or better yet raise the opposite side to lean the motorhome with either jacks or boards. That will drain it.
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    Re: Draining fresh water

    Thanks for the help guys, but it turns out that drain line was the drain for the fresh water tank. There were no other valves.
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    RE: Draining fresh water

    I have a 1992 Dolphin and the fresh water drain is a little petcock on the outside of the coach near the fill. Many of the older coaches used this approach. It was the same on my old '85 South Wind.

    Hesperia, CA

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