Drapery cleaning

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by Railroader, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Railroader

    Railroader Junior Member

    I have pleated type curtains, they aren't drapery material. I have taken them down, but am wondering how they should be cleaned. If I use water & oxy clean, 15% bleach or detergent, will they shrink. What to do?????
  2. JimE

    JimE Senior Member

    RR all I can tell you is that I about to do the same. I figure I would wash them gently and hang them back up while they are still wet. My only problem is finding a small monkey who I can train to get out on the dash and re hang them all.
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Only really safe way is Dry Cleaners. If they dont want to do it then your way.


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