Dumb Question about dumping

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Mal, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Mal

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    Alrighty, I know this is a dumb question. We're planning to go out during the week of the 4th. We didn't prepare ahead of time so I'm assuming most RV parks are full, and besides, we wanted to take our time and not stick to a schedule.

    So question is, how do we easily locate places to dump. We're probably going to have to park at Walmarts, Flying Js, or rest stops, so if we do "dry camping" (I suppose that's the definition of it...if not forgive me, very novice at this) how do you find places to dump without having to call or drive all around a town?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. thumbs

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    Dumb Question about dumping


    I know that the local campground around here will allow you to dump for a nominal fee. I think it's 5 bucks. I would expect that other campgrounds will have the same service. Some of the rest stops on turnpikes have dump facilities. Of course you don't know ahead of time. I would try the campgrounds even it your not stayin in them.


    Souderton, Pa
  3. grouchman

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    Dumb Question about dumping

    If you are going to stop at Flying J, you can dump there for free.

    Enjoy the trip

  4. fjohn56

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    Dumb Question about dumping

    The Ohio Turnpike has a dump station at both rest plaza's on either end. Western and Eastern. Both sides. KOA's also have a dump station, but there is a small fee.
  5. Mal

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    Dumb Question about dumping

    Ah thanks very much! Is there a book anyone could recommend for campsites and Flying Js and that sort of thing. I know there are many out there, but is there one that's preferrable than another. Ok, for that matter, is there a RV Club that is preferrable than another. We were going to go with Good Sam's, but I've seen that a lot have discounts for Ambassador (maybe that's not the name of it, something like that though).

    Very much appreciate the help. I know these are basic questions, but like I said, we're just starting out in the world of RVing.
  6. Butch

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    Dumb Question about dumping

    Click on The hyper link below for some helpful info regarding dump stations. FMCA has a much better listing but one must belong to FMCA to access the list. http://www.fulltiming-america.com/rvdump/ There is a book called the "exit authority" which also might be helpful. Have a great time...& Happy Motoring, Butch @ Nancy Lake, Alaska
  7. hertig

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    Dumb Question about dumping

    Also while at Flying J, get gas (they tend to be the cheapest in
    most areas). You can sign up for their RV card, which gets you 1
    cent off per gallon (to start, non-gas purchases can increase this).

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