Dutch Star Duo Therm air Flow Problem

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    I have a 2002 Dutch Star we are out and it is hot and the air conditioning is not flowing air good enough to cool the cabin. Since it is all ducted and I cannot even see the air conditioner from the interior is there something you can do to get the air flowing better? I have checked the filter duct and cannot find anything there.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Dutch Star Duo Therm air Flow Problem


    There is a part called a quick cool option. It puts a forced air furnace type vent on the same plate that covers the airc onditioner and filter. I had one installed on my front air and just really tried it for the first time this morning as I was running the gen for its hour a month today. Works like a darnit, temp was at 90 in the coach(in the storage yard) turned the gen and air on and it was comfortable in like 5-10 minutes. Then when cooled down you can go back to the vents or partially. It's really kind of uncomfortable to just stand under the air with it blowing straight down. The part was like $70. If you are good at fabricating I think a person could glue a plastic furnace vent into the filter mounting plate after cutting the original cover.


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