dutchmen 747 pop up

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by bboop, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. bboop

    bboop New Member

    Just bought a used Dutchmen. Put it all together except for two poles that have a hinge. I believe they go under the front bed, but cannot figure out how. Anyone know how they go?
  2. NINA

    NINA New Member

    Re: dutchmen 747 pop up

    Congrats on your new purchace. I will hopefully be buying a travel trailer very soon.
    Used to own a couple of pups, seem to remember what your talking about. Only thing is
    I don't remember a "hinge" I seem to remember sticking the pole in a holder down by the bumper
    and then the poles were flat on the other end. That slipped into a metal "bracket" under the bed end.
    I am new to the forum in the last few days and just wanted to welcome you. There seems to be many
    very knowledgeable people here so check back often and hopefully they can answer your question better than I.
    Also, you did not state the year of your camper. Did you purchace from a dealer? He may be able to answer
    your question. Good luck

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