electric brakes

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tamitik, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. tamitik

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    I have a tandem axle fifth wheel and am having brake problems. I can hear the humming from the drums when brakes applied, but very little braking ie: drums can be turned when vehicle brakes applied. tried adjusting the controller, no better braking. Using the over ride on the controller, trailer brakes are activated. Is there some sort of adjustment that could be made at the drums ?

    stumped ! :question:
  2. Krazeehorse

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    electric brakes

    I know next to nothing about electric brakes but it sounds like to me your controller may be the culprit.
  3. DL Rupper

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    electric brakes

    Hey tamitik, all the RV experts recommend packings the wheel bearings every 12mos/12k miles. I have the electric brakes examined and adjusted at the time my bearings are re-packed. Actually if you crawl under your trailer you can probably adjust the brakes from the back side of the wheel. Not fun, but can be done. Also, if your controller is going bad, I recommend the Prodigy. I bought one when I got my new truck in 2003 and it works really good. :clown:
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    electric brakes


    DL hit it on the head.... many trailer brakes adjust like car/truck brakes do ... from the bottom of the back side of the wheel..

    There should be a 1 inch long "Slot" where the adjustment tool fits in for turning the "Star Wheel" adjustment. ( a screwdriver will work as well as a brake tool )

    The slot may be (and should be) covered with a rubber plug to keep out dirt and water. Remove the plug.. but put it back in when through.

    #1. Jack the wheel off the ground so that you can rotate the wheel by hand.

    #2. Using the brake tool or a screwdriver in the slot and using an up and down motion adjust the star wheel until the brake shoes contact the wheel tight enough so that you can't turn the wheel without extra force.

    #3. Now start backing off the star wheel until the wheel turns freely, but with a slight "Dragging " sound.. You should not be able to "Spin" the wheel, but it should turn freely with very little resistance.

    There you have it... do all the wheels the same..

    It's been so long that I forget which way tightens the shoes .. is it on the upward rotation of the star wheel or the downward direction ?

    Some of you old timers remember ??

  5. s.harrington

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    electric brakes

    Check the wiring under the trailer and make sure that all axels are connected. sometimes wires get broken or pulled loose and power doesn't reach all wheels.
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