Electric on a Lance Camper

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by geo24a, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I had to rewire my plug on my truck and everything works fine except my truck doesn't charge up my camper batteries. I have power going to the plug on the camper but it doesn't charge. Is there a fuse or something in the camper that would cause this. Thank you for your time George
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    RE: Electric on a Lance Camper

    What type of rv or camper do u have????
  3. C Nash

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    Re: Electric on a Lance Camper

    Most do not have a charge going to the camper but very easy to fix a charge wire to the rv. The power to the rv is probably just a 12 volt supply. Check it with a meter and if it is charging, with engine running, you should have around 13.8 volts.
  4. geo24a

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    Re: Electric on a Lance Camper

    I have a Lance 1161 which is a camper that goes on the back of a truck and is set up to take a charge from my truck. There is power coming from the truck to the plug of the camper. There is a problem in the camper itself. I have a monitor that tells me when the batteries are being charged. In the dark with the truck running, it doesn't show it's charging. I was hoping some one knows the path of the power from the plug to the battery and what could be the problem. Thanks again George
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    Re: Electric on a Lance Camper

    Check two things. Some have a battery cut-off switch by the bathroom that looks like a standard household light switch. There is also an automatic 12volt breaker in the battery box area that can go bad.

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