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    1999 Safari Panther
    Just bought coach 2 1/2 months ago and begin reworking everything that I had found wrong. Drove back from Ark thru rain the hole 500 miles and now coach is acting werid.
    First turn key off and engine would die but dash lights would stay on, called Safari was told to replace the 12 volt solenoid in the front driver's bay. That worked for two days and it started acting up again. Now the engine won't run it will turn over but not fire. I have replaced the on-off-on switch in the service bay and put another solenoid up front, still won't fire.
    I have called Safari for the wiring diagram and they said Safari no longer has them. Anyone know where I can buy the 12 volt wiring diagram from.
    Thanks Joe
    PS: You can call me at 314-974-8789 or drop me your number and I will call you.
  2. cardiac

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    RE: Electrical

    Thanks to everyone for looking. Now in the future you will know that it was the 6 pin male plugin at the fuse relay box in the battery compartment to the ECM that melted together and caused all my problems.
    Thanks goodness it was'nt the female or I would be buying the ECM. LOL
    Happy RVing. Joe :)
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    Re: Electrical

    Thanks for posting the problem and following with the fix Joe.

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