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    Hello -

    We're new to the site and need some advice. We have a 1998 Terry Trailer, a 26B "Resort" made by Fleetwood. There is a 23 X 31 emergency escape window in the bedroom area of the trailer. It is hinged at the top and has two metal clips on the bottom to hold it shut. During the night there are many times we'd like to open this window to get a cross breeze but can't because there's no screen on it, plus there's nothing to hold the window open once the clips are released. I've used a stick a couple of times to prop the window open for a few minutes, but then we have to deal with the bugs...

    Is there some kind of screen out there that we can purchase for the window? Can we have one made? Or can we remove this window and put in a different kind? Where this is an "emergency escape" window, we're not sure what we can do to improve it's usefulness.

    Any suggestions out there would be greatly appreciated!

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