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    Hi, we purchased a diesel pusher a couple of mos. ago and I was wondering, should we carry some of this emergency road service that we're getting offers about in the mail? Our Motorhome is a 2001 with 45,000 miles on it, we feel very comfortable with it so far, took a short trip a few weeks ago and it did fine. So far we've received offers on KOA's service (Allstate) and Good Sam's ERS. ANyone have any experiences on this matter? THANKS!
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    Re: Emergency/road insurance


    Yes!!! With that said shop around prior to pulling the trigger. Besides what you have mentioned as potential candiates in your post there is Coachnet, AAA RV+, and I believe Camping World has gotten into the game.

    When I shopped around for this I wanted to ensure that I got with someone who was in the business of towing M/H's not a souped up auto club on steroids. That pretty much I feel narrows your gap down to Coachnet and Good Sam. I admit I do have AAA RV+ as a back up to my present ERS service with Coachnet. For a time I had GoodSam, AAA RV+ and the service thru my insurance.

    My only experience with the ERS portion of our insurance was AWFUL! (Let me caveat this we utilized CCC beause they indicated they could get to us the quickest) I have insurance thru National Interstate (they are awesome) the ERS portion of the policy was offered thru Continaental Car Club (CCC). Had a blow out on a right front tire spoke with the CCC rep told them of my dilema and the need for a tire including size etc. A wrecker was dispatched to me and according to the ERS brochures and the CCC rep no money was to be exchanged between me and the wrecker service. Wrecker arrives sans tire tows me 4 miles to and under construction Lowes parking lot in Front Royal Virginia and drops me. Presented me a bill for $175. Quick call back to CCC and the rep says "Oh we did not have any wrecker services in our network in that area so please pay the $175 (CASH only) and we will reimburse you". Course I payed and they did get me my money in about 15 days. Story gets better yet once unhooked the wrecker calls some Jibroni tire guy who gouged the pi** out of be for a new tire to the tune of $600 (CASH only) not including the tire mounting. Tire normally sold for $480 talk about supply and demand and paying for the convience. Mounting was another $100 (you guessed it CASH only).
    As soon as I got back home and got my money from CCC I called National Interstate and dumped that portion on my insurance. National Interstate refunded all of the money charged on the policy for this service.

    Concerning AAA RV+. Lots of stuff on the net about them not having service in some states. There is some truth to this according to the AAA Tidewater rep I spoke to. She did not tell me what locations/states though. Like I said they are my backup to Coachnet presently.

    I switched to Coachnet upon renewal got more (supposed) bang for the buck than GoodSam was offering. GoodSam did nothing wrong and in fact they were $10 dollars cheaper for the three year policy. However towed distance was better and there were a couple nicer perks concerning service center scheduling which I have used 3X and it is great.

    Both Coachnet and GoodSam get good and bad press. One of the posters on this forum posted not to long ago about the great service he received from his insurance ERS so as you can see there is not one single source. So please do not elimanate insurance ERS from your options on my account. I just might have caught CCC on a bad day or phone person might not have understood the nuiances of a Class A motorhome. However travelling without ERS when you require a tire or a tow isn't worth it. Towing a DP is very expensive.

    I'm very sure you will get some very good information from other folks on this forum. Read it all, digest it, research it, and hopefully purchase the one that is best for you.

    Very Respectfully,
    Fly Navy
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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    My ERS is included with my mh insurance through Progressive. I've only had to use them once. Got stuck in the mud, called Progressive, said they would call a tow service, called me back within three minutes with a ETA of 1 hour. Tow truck arrived in less than forty five minutes on a Sunday afternoon. Progressive called back in two hours to confirm the work had been done to my satisfaction.

    BTW...when I first contacted Progressive, their first question was are you injured, second, are you in a safe location. Never a mention of money!
  4. DL Rupper

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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    We have used Good Sam ERS twice in 14 years ($99/year=$1400). Once in Michigan (lock out) and once in Wyoming (flat tire). Both times the response time was less than 1 hour and the service was great. I wouldn't travel without ERS. Just my opinion.
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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    WELL LET ME MAKE A COMMENT ABOUT GS ERS. I was heading up to Ken's GTS Open House when my engine light came on. And since I was very close to Kens I drove it with the light on. Once I got there I called GS ERS, after verifying who I was I was asked if I wanted it towed to the nearest shop. now this Friday afternoon and no shops are open on SAT. which means we would have to wait till Monday before they could look at it. I told the person no I did not want it to be towed. so she sent a repairman out. I was told by the GS rep. that I would be charged for parts and labor if any was needed. :( . OK the repairman showed up and with out a scanner to scan the computer to see what was wrong. All he did was look under the MH and said nothing was wrong and handed me some papers to sign off on. I was called back by GS rep. who asked me how thing was. I was nice but in certain terms told her I was not a happy camper and will probably will not renew when it come due again. I thought this was a very poor response to my problem. But THE LIGHT did go out once I put in some more gas. I had filled up with Shell gas just before getting into Bedford VA. and I truly think the shell gas caused the problem
  6. JimE

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    RE: Emergency/road insurance

    I have used Good Sams for 6 years and it well pays for itself. They even tow any of my kids cars if they break down. They have always been responsive to me usually for flat tires on the coach. The only drawback is the weekly mailings I get trying to get me to sign up for medical service and RV insurance etc.
  7. H2H1

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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    Jim that is a hassle I get as well. Just got a email wanting me to buy the new EXIT book which shows all the exits, and gas station. But my GPS does the same thing, so I want be buying that.
  8. *scooter*

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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    I also belong to Good Sam, but dropped their ERS service. And the amount of mailings I get a week from Good Sam is enormous. I wonder how much cheaper GS would be without the cost of the mailings, that I'm sure are passed onto the members.
  9. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    Well, not to be flippant, but without them sending those mailings out all the time, you might not have the service to subscribe to. ;)

    (Actually, now with the big O "in charge", you might not have the service anyway or the need for it.) :angry:

    We have had AAA from our business days, and still keep it up. If we didn't, we would probably use Good Sam's service. We did subscribe to their medical service a couple of years ago when we took my brother Alan on The Capital City Tour. I kept thinking what 'might' happen to me and how my family would get back home.

    So, I guess you could say they are real good insurance sales people. :clown:
  10. Triple E

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    Re: Emergency/road insurance

    The Good Sam ERS is a good thing. But the Good Sam CSP, beware. I was paying $1480.00 a year for this contract. I had some problems with my RV so took it to the repair shop.
    (1). Repair the Air. Paid for all, $1200.00, but the coolant. Understandable.
    (2). Leveling Jack would not hold pressure. Bad seal. Not covered. Cheaper to buy rebuilt Jack than to repair.
    (3). Instrument Panel. The oil and temp gauge not indicating. My panel has been revised and has a new pigtail. CSP will cover the cost of the panel, $600.00, but not the pigtail, $400, or the installation of the pigtail, cost per hour. So I installed Glow Shift gauges instead. Cost, $200.00

    ---If a "warranty part" takes out a "non-warranty" part the "non-warranty" part is not covered. If a "non-warranty" part takes out a "warranty" part the "warranty" part is not covered.---

    However, my brother has burned out four transmission on his MH and CSP has covered each one.

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