Endless choices are overwhelming

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by lelanajohnson1, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Of course, I'm new to this all and have done some research but am so overwhelmed with it all.
    Here is what is coming in my life.
    Moving to Northern MN to live on parents property to take care of them.
    If you know N MN, it gets pretty COLD.
    My first thought was to buy a Class C, but I'm having second thougths as that would be another vehicle to take care of along with maintenance on the RV.
    So I started researching TT's. If you suggest a TT, please suggest a towing vehicle. As my Subaru wont pull a TT. I am willing to trade the Subaru in.
    I know no matter what I buy I will need to do major maintenance to ensure pipes are not frozen and that.
    I don't have much to spend so I am looking at older models, plus this is a couple year term, (not that it wouldn't be used after that) We love to camp.
    Are older TT's self contained, do they typically have generators and holding tanks on them?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Endless choices are overwhelming

    Hi Lelana and welcome to the forum! We understand the significance of caring for aging parents and admire your commitment.

    We love our Class C and had planned to fulltime in it one day. Things have changed for now as other family obligations have also come our way.

    You are correct to assume that an RV will require maintenance, especially if you move around. Like you, I have wondered if a TT or 5th wheel would be easier to maintain.

    Ok all of you RV experts out there in RVUSA land, what do you all think?

    Regardless of what you decide on, I hope you will be able to travel in it one day as well. There are so many wonderful things to see in our beautiful country. :)
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    Re: Endless choices are overwhelming

    Hi LeLana and welcome to the RVUSA forum. What tow vehicle to buy depends on how much travel trailer you get. Whatever tow vehicle you do buy, make sure it has ample tow capacity to pull the trailer and all the extras we have a tendency to stuff our RVs with.

    If you plan on living in the trailer in northern Minnesota in the winter you will need to have it skirted to keep the cold and wind out from under the trailer plus some heat tape and insulation wrapped around the sewer line and possibly the incoming water line to keep them from freezing, and perhaps another heat source (heat lamp?) to keep the water tank unfrozen.

    Travel trailers are self-contained in that they have a fresh water tank, a gray water tank for the sink and a black water tank for the toilet. Plus they have a propane tank to run the stove, refrigerator and furnace, and a battery (or batteries) for electrical power. When you are plugged into your tow vehicle or shore power, the trailer batteries get charged. Most travel trailers don't have generators, but if you feel you need one, you can always get a portable.

    These are a few of the things I could come up with. Others in the forum will have more for you. Good luck with your parents. :) :)

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