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    I have a 1983 Travelcraft 34 foot motorhome. I am thinking about replacing the appliances with energy efficient ones. Who are some good manufacturers of energy efficient appliances for motorhomes?
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    RE: Energy Efficient appliences

    well first off ,, what are wanting to replace ??? and the price range u want to spend ,, not sure about the new LP stoves and such ,, as far as being better in savings ,, but the new refers and microwaves are kinda ,, but if IMO , u are plugged into a CG electrical sight ,, who cares ,, unless u are having to pay for the electricity ,, but agian JMO :) :)
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    Re: Energy Efficient appliences

    Miles, you'll never 'save' enough with "energy efficiency" to pay for the new purchases.

    These are choices that you make when you are making a new purchase for a good reason like purchasing a new RV or replacing a defective appliance, but be really careful about verifying the claims.

    These "Energy Star" products can be just a scam as determined by a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report recently: "... GAO's investigation shows that Energy Star is for the most part a self-certification program vulnerable to fraud and abuse. ..."

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