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  1. brickem

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    Any other europeans had any experience of RVing in the USA ? Whereabouts ? Would you do it again ?
  2. Starship

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    The week after Labor Day (2002) we were at the Oregon coast and a group of RV's came in, all had LaMesa RV printed on them (obvious rentals). There were about 7 or 8 of them. Two class A's and the rest class C's.
    Got to talking with some of them and found out they were all from England. Had picked up their rigs in Calif (as a tour group) and were traveling up Hwy 101 on holiday (vacation to those on this side of the water).
    We lived in England for about 5 yrs so had a great time talking with them and comparing who'd been where.
    They all seemed to be enjoying themselves, having a good time, made a great day for us.

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