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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Buckeye1, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Buckeye1

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    I would like to know if there is a extended insurance company. that is honest trustworthy and really provides good coverage for my used 2007 diesel motorhome? Need some suggestions? Can anyone help in finding a good policy. :question: :blackeye:
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    RE: extended rv insurance


    Don't have my policy in the house today. Leaving in a while for a 5 day state park stay. When I return I will post a name and telephone number for you. I was concerned when I bought my policy because I read so much against them after I bought it. However, they paid $1600 to replace a broking slide motor. No questions. I had to pay the deductable $50.00, I was impressed. Glad I have it.
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    Re: extended rv insurance

    I have had a policy thru Prizm on my 00 Diplomat and 07 Dynasty. Had three claims with them and never a moment on angst.

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  5. utmtman

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    Re: extended rv insurance

    Mine is thru freedom care and I pay 100 dollars deductible and they have worked good for us including paying a mobile rv repair company that told us no other company would pay. It was pricey but had I had the cash to put in savings I might not have bought it and just paid cash on repairs but that is not always possible.

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