Extended warranties

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tkpirate21, May 30, 2006.

  1. tkpirate21

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    I'm looking for an extended warranty on my newly purchased 2004 Fleetwood Southwind. Can anyone recommend a company with which they have had a good experience? (or any bad experiences to stay away from?)
  2. GoRvInGfOrFuN

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    Extended warranties

    first where do u live and i would see if u can get one thru the dealership where u bought ur unit bc if u get service there they are most likly to deal with a company they like so just ask them
  3. hertig

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    Extended warranties

    Read the actual contract carefully (not a sales brochure) before signing up for one of these. See what you are required to do (maintenance and pre-authorization of charges, etc), and what you actually get (the exclusionary policies which cover everything except the things listed are generally better than inclusionary policy which cover nothing except the things listed).

    Some of these are written so you can almost never collect. There are many horror stories out there (someone whose refridgerator repair was refused because they were 2000 miles late on an oil change, or an engine repair which was refused unless they paid 3000 for an analysis to prove that the cause was covered, companies going bankrupt, etc)
  4. JimE

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    Extended warranties

    I use American Guardian for my 93 Winnebago, as none of the name brands such as Good Sams will warranty anything older than 10 yrs old. It was a learning experience figuring out how to properly file a claim, finding service people that will deal with them, getting pre-authorization etc, but once I got past that, they have been pretty good, as long as you follow the very specific steps. A 4 year warranty cost me just over $1600.00, and in 2 years time, they have paid out 4 times that amount in repairs.

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