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    I am new to the RV world, we are thinking of buying a 2006 Hurricane 33AH.Can anyone give me details on warranties, both on the "motor home side' and on the chasis or drive line. What kind of warranties come with these units new and are they transferable. Also what about after market warranties and are they worth the money./ (yeah, I know they're worth it if you need the warranty and a waste of money if you don't ha-ha)

    Thanks for any help!!

    Robin & Andy

    I think I am losing my mind over this whole buying & dealing process!!!
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    Robin there are hundreds of providers out there. Some are transferrable and some are not. Good Sams seems to have a good reputation but the key is to read the fine print. If there are pages of items not covered that is usually a signal to run away. I have always used one myself because one major failure and it has paid for itself. On my first motorhome they paid $13,000 over 4 years for repairs and I paid $1600 for the 4 year policy. Do the math and good luck.
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    I go by what consumer reports says. It says to stay away from them. Put the money in the bank and use it if you need to.
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    If you have a trailer, then maybe not. However, if you have a motorhome, then you really need one. It is no different than your auto policy. One problem will pay for it many times over. However, be very sure that it covers all mechanicals including plumbing and electrical including electronics. The fine print is everything.

    Good Luck,


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